Premium Survival Kit
Premium Survival Kit
Premium Survival Kit
Premium Survival Kit
Premium Survival Kit
Premium Survival Kit
Product image 1Premium Survival Kit
Product image 2Premium Survival Kit
Product image 3Premium Survival Kit
Product image 4Premium Survival Kit
Product image 5Premium Survival Kit
Product image 6Premium Survival Kit

Premium Survival Kit

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If you’re serious about survival, then there are a few essentials you need right off the bat. That’s where our Premium Survival Kit comes into play. This kit has everything you need to get by in a bad situation: eye protection, hydration, emergency first aid, and more. Because of that, it can easily work as-is to help you survive lots of bad situations, or can serve as the basis for a larger survival kit build that you tailor to meet your specific needs. Either way, you’ll know you have your fundamental bases covered thanks to the Premium Survival Kit.

This kit includes:

Sun, Wind & Dust Goggles

MOLLE Hydration Carrier with Bladder

Poncho Liner "Woobie" Blanket

Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet

Wilderness Kit 6in1

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