Magpul Moe Sl Rbr Butt-pad .70

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The MOE SL(R) Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad is a direct replacement butt-pad for the MOE SL(R), MOE SL-S(TM), UBR(R) GEN2" MOE(R) AK, Zhukov-S(R), and X-22 Backpacker stocks. Featuring the same non-slip ribbed texture as the stock MOE SL(R) butt-pad, the thicker vented design provides enhanced user comfort as well as approximately 3/8" additional length of pull while adding less than 1 oz. to the overall weight of the stock. The MOE SL(R) Enhanced Butt-Pad is an evolution of the popular CTR(R) Enhanced Butt-Pad, combining the durable materials of the CTR(R) version with the updated design and function of the standard MOE SL(R) Butt-Pad. An angled, serrated toe allows for easy mounting of the rifle, while a slight curve at the top ensures positive, comfortable seating on the shoulder during firing. Fits all stocks using the MOE SL(R) pattern butt-pad.

Features :
  • Fits all stocks using the MOE SL® pattern butt-pad

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