The Apocalypse Kit

The Apocalypse Kit

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*Kit ships on 28 JUNE 2018* 

Your ultimate assortment to survive any threat.

Your kit includes Israeli Gas Mask, Authentic M7 Bayonet & Scabbard, and Crate Club Custom Med kit.

Details of Each Product Below:

Israeli Gas Mask: The mask is manufactured from rubber mixture which resists penetration of chemical agents, is lightweight and allows maximum comfort, effective communication, a large field of view and the ability to drink fluids while using it. The mask can also connect to an external air blower via a flexible hose using the appropriate adapters (provided separately per customer requirements) and can be transformed to an active protection system. The mask has a long shelf life, up to 25 years in the original packaging. The mask is provided with a NBC filter, liquid drinking tube. Manufacturing is according to the IDF technical specifications (strictest standards of a protection system).


Ontario 494 M7 Bayonet and Scabbard Features Include:

  • 1095 carbon steel blade with zinc phosphate finish
  • 11.75" overall length
  • 6.75" blade length
  • .1875" thickness
  • Molded plastic sheath with tension clip
  • Fits M16, M4 and AR-15


Custom Crate Club Med Kit:

Everything you need on the go. The perfect med kit for travel, the car, or home. Our Crate Club First Aid Kit comes with band aids, trauma dressing, alcohol wipes, and even some medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, antihistamine, and much more.